Cookies Policy

GEOIDE – Geosystems uses cookies on its site to improve the user’s performance and experience, as described below.

Cookies are small text files holding relevant information that your access device (computer, mobile phone/smartphone or tablet) uploads, through the web browser, when a website is visited by the user.

Cookies will not only help the site to recognise the user’s device on the next visit, but will also be frequently indispensable for the operation of the mentioned device. Cookies used by GEOIDE – Geosystems on its website do not collect personal data, which enable the user’s identification. They store general information, namely the users’ access way or location/country and the way they use the sites, among others. Cookies only hold information regarding their preferences.

The user may, at any moment and by means of his/her web browser, decide to be notified on the reception of cookies, as well as to prevent them to enter its system. However, it should be noted that the refusal to use cookies on the website may result in the impossibility of accessing some of its areas, not allowing a full browsing experience.