20 years: 1996-2016


Congratulations, GEOIDE – Geosystems!

GEOIDE – Geosystems is celebrating its 20th anniversary. 2016 is undoubtedly an important milestone in its history, as it was 20 years ago that this project started. Throughout this journey, GEOIDE – Geosystems has always sought to take sound steps, making it possible to fundament its position.  This journey, like everything in life, has had its ups and downs, but these have always been overcome with a great deal of perseverance and devotion. GEOIDE – Geosystems has conquered its space in its own right without ever forgetting that no journey is undertaken alone, or against someone. GEOIDE – Geosystems is very pleased and proud of being a reference today for many.

The success or failure of any project always depends on the human resources. Human capital is the greatest asset a business can have, so GEOIDE-Geosystems thanks all those who are or have been part of this project, as well as their commitment and dedication. Without them, this milestone would be meaningless.

In addition to its employees, GEOIDE – Geosystems also wishes to thank its partners, suppliers and customers, for all they have been able to contribute to this company´s development. Before, and now, GEOIDE – Geosystems has always gone hand in hand with those who believed and believe in this project.

You are the best, thank you all!