About Us

The satisfaction of our customers is the reason for our existence

GEOIDE Geosystems started in April 1996 as a land surveying company. It has accumulated comprehensive experience over the last 20 years through its participation in large national and international projects, being nowadays present in three continents. An important part of its activity is the topographic support to the project design and to the execution of large public and private works.

GEOIDE also offers complete solutions for the infrastructures market, such as roads, tunnels, viaducts, dams, railway lines, etc…

but also for the architecture and construction industries, for the geographical and land administration industry, as well as for the power production and mining industries. With the company evolution came up the need to cover new activity areas complementing classic topography, always with the objective of being able to ensure its customers full and more comprising solutions.

The GALICORP brand appears as a result of those solutions and complementarity of services diversification placed at the customers' disposal.

Within that scope, GEOIDE has had for the last 15 years installed capacity in the development of computerized geo-engineering solutions. The GALICORP brand thus lends its own stamp and image to the different projects under ongoing development that comprise from Galileo2000 application for infrastructures to customized solution for customers with specific requirements.

GEOIDE highlights its partnership with LEICA Geosystems, which grants it the capacity to develop applications and control systems and data collection on this brand equipment.

NANOMETRICS is also a brand created within GEOIDE aiming at fulfilling the customers' needs in structural monitoring and geotechnical instrumentation, also in what concerns metrology markets and industrial quality control.

The operations in industrial environment, mainly power plant facilities, are also part of the company curriculum.

The services supplied comprise design and planning of structural and geotechnical monitoring solutions, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of data collection systems along the project life cycle and management and publication of the data online in real time.